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In any dispute, there may come a time when all attempts to persuade another person or business to actually do what they have agreed to do just fail.

You may have done your best to compromise with the other party, to try and achieve a negotiated settlement, however sometimes that isn’t enough. It may happen that the other party has put you in an unwanted situation that be may be too economically significant to deal with informally. These are the cases that simply cannot be negotiated or mediated. When that happens you may have no choice but to issue court proceedings, or indeed defend proceedings.

The court in which the hearing takes place will depend on the type of dispute (whether it is a civil or commercial dispute) and the size of the claim. The more complex or high value the litigation case, the higher the court allocation, where the judges have more specific experience and expertise.

We have many years’ experience in advising and litigating in the most difficult of cases, right across all the court spectrums. We can provide legal services and advice in respect of the:

District Court
Circuit Court
High Court
Supreme Court